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Growth hormone is a substance produced by the pituitary gland. This process determines the formation of the so-called growth factor. It is thanks to him that tissues develop throughout the body. Growth hormone has its own scientific name, which defines it. This is somatotropin. Over the course of life, hormone production occurs in different alpha pharma dbol quantities. After a person passes the twenty-year mark, the level of the substance invariably decreases..

Growth hormone is produced by the work of the hypothalamus, which sends a signal towards the pituitary gland. This is how growth hormone is produced. The liver receives the substance through the blood and, under the influence of chemical reactions, produces another substance called somatomedin. When the muscles receive it in abundance, the cells begin to divide rapidly, which leads to the growth and development of the organism as a whole..

Growth hormone effect

Scientists have found that growth hormone has a significant effect on human metabolism and on the rate of production of a certain structure of muscle tissue. Growth hormone burns body fat, increases glucose in human blood.

Functions of growth hormone in the human body:

The metabolism returns to normal;

Muscles stop breaking down;

Adipose tissue is destroyed much faster;

The healing time of skin lesions, wounds decreases;

The liver is saturated with glycogen;

Collagen is synthesized faster;

Strengthening of ligaments and joints occurs, which is reflected in better tolerance to physical activity;

Libido increases;

Improves lipid blood composition.

Growth hormone directly affects the development of the whole organism. This is especially important in childhood and adolescence. But for adults, the substance is useful and affects metabolism..

How to take growth hormone?

Since the growth hormone consumed by a person from the outside is synthetic, a person is recommended to observe several simple conditions. They are the ones that influence whether therapy works..

1. Do not increase or decrease the prescribed duration of therapy. The minimum period of taking growth hormone, at which a result is possible, is one and a half months. Sometimes a six-month course of admission is prescribed;

2. Follow the instructions. The doctor should approach the athlete individually, since each person has his own characteristics of the body, his goals and aspirations. Also, the amount of the drug depends on physical fitness. Usually people take growth hormone at 4-16 units of the drug per course.

3. Before buy testosterone cypionate watson Consult a sports doctor for advice. You cannot prescribe the substance to yourself, since there is no ideal drug rate. What suits one person may not suit another even, for example, if the physique is similar. When prescribing a course, it is necessary to take into account how the body’s natural growth hormone is produced. It is no secret that this development is different for people. Also, the course adjustment is influenced by the intensity of training, the presence or absence of stress and its intensity, blood sugar level, how much a person sleeps, etc. It is better to divide the daily dose so that it is taken at different times..

Who needs growth hormone?

This substance helps the athlete to gain “lean” muscles. This is what is taken into account before starting the reception. If we consider the periods of a person’s life, then the growth hormone begins to be produced at a young age wirkt viagra fur manner auch bei frauen wirkt – namely, the intrauterine development of a future person. In adolescence, the hormone is the most. But there are situations when the substance is not produced enough. This is because each person has their own characteristics. An indicator of a good sporting future is high-quality muscle mass gained up to 25 years. Of course, not everyone achieves these results. You can alleviate the situation by taking special drugs..

These drugs promote the production of a substance such as growth hormone. The active ingredient of the drug is a synthetic growth hormone. Many athletes (mainly bodybuilders) take it to achieve even better results both in training and during competition..

Growth hormone intended proscalpin reviews for those who want to achieve the desired result. Who doesn’t dream of a pumped-up relief body? Probably hard to find such a person. Growth hormone can help you achieve your goal when combined with your workout routine. Many intake of growth hormone regulate metabolism, which, for various reasons, can fail. Growth hormone promotes the systematic destruction of adipose tissue and increases the rate of production of high-quality muscle mass.

Possible side effects

Naturally, if you decide to take synthetic growth hormone, then you need to take care of the safety of taking it. Above, we have listed several rules that must be followed during the course. If everything is done correctly and in accordance with the recommendations of a specialist, then side effects will be minimized or reduced to zero. Modern technologies have made it possible to create artificial growth hormone, which is the most safe for humans..

So, in order to exclude “side effects”, observe the main thing:

Draw up your individual course with the help of a sports doctor and follow it;

Buy quality drugs. A miser pays twice, as they say. In an effort to save money, you are more likely to ruin your health. Manufacturers set fair prices for their products, so in growth hormone you need to understand the price-quality ratio.

Post cycle therapy

To restore the body after taking growth hormone, it is imperative to carry out post-cycle therapy. Since hormones greatly affect the body’s activity, it is best to avoid sudden surges. The body should smoothly return to the previous mode of operation, which is why it is so important to provide a transition period. If PCT is not performed, then the loss of the muscle mass gained during the intake of the growth hormone is inevitable. That is, you will waste time and money. There are also consequences of ignoring post-cycle recovery: excessive production of female hormone or insufficient synthesis of male testosterone.

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